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This Is How Earthen Water Dispenser Keeps Your Water Cool And Healthier To Drink Than Regular Tap Water

A truly fascinating thing about water stored in clay water dispensers is that, no matter how hot the temperature outside gets, it always stays cool. This phenomenon has been experienced by millions of people, over thousands of years, who regularly drink water from clay water containers or earthen water containers.

Ask anybody who drinks from a clay drinking water dispenser and they will tell you the water is always cool on the tongue and soft on the throat. In other words, much better than the harsh gripping cold you expect from refrigerated water.

It’s not only the perpetually cool water that makes earthen drinking water dispensers such a hot item though; clay water dispensers make water stored within much healthier to drink than regular tap water because they leach macro minerals like calcium and magnesium into the water.

Great, but how do these two phenomena happen?

The Cooling Effect of Clay Water Dispensers and Earthen Water Dispensers

Clay drinking water dispensers cool the water within them in much the same way as how your body cools itself when the surrounding gets hot. To fully understand how this works, one has to revisit the process of perspiration and evaporation.

Evaporation is the process by which a liquid changes to a gas without boiling. The higher the surrounding temperatures are, the higher the rate of evaporation. Evaporation is the reason why water spilled outside will dry on its own. On a hot day, the water dries faster, while on a cool day the water dries slower.

Only liquid at the surface evaporates, and in order to do so, it absorbs heat from liquid beneath. So whenever water evaporates, heat is lost and the temperature of the liquid drops. In other words, evaporation leads to cooling.

Because earthen water dispensers and clay water dispensers have pores (minute holes) in their structure, the water within can perspire (move to the surface), evaporate and escape, leaving water behind that is cooler and quite pleasant to drink. The greater the temperature outside, the greater the rate of perspiration and evaporation and the cooler the water stored in your earthen water container will be.

Neat, huh?

Unlike clay drinking water containers, water bottles made from plastic and glass do not have pores in their structure and so the water cannot escape and evaporation cannot occur.

Clay Drinking Water Dispenser Infuses Macronutrients into Water

Our ancient ancestors relied on running streams for their daily supply of water, and the rocks and stones that lined the riverbed infused the water with macro minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water that contains calcium and magnesium has been proven to be the healthiest to drink. 

Today, nobody recommends you fetch your drinking water from running streams. However, you need not miss out on your daily dose of calcium and magnesium. These macronutrients exist naturally in clay soil, and when you store your water in a clay drinking water dispenser or clay water bottles they are naturally passed on and infuse the water stored with these essential nutrients.

The filtration process weeds out a lot of these naturally-occurring nutrients from your tap water. By storing your water in an earthen water container or a clay water container, you can supercharge your water again, so you end up drinking water the way nature intended.

Ancient civilizations were very much aware of these benefits and for thousands of years earthen and clay water containers were the default choice for storing water. Other benefits exist, and together they constitute the reason why millions of people around the world are skipping the plastic and glass and going for clay drinking water dispensers today.

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