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Naturalized Water's Clay Water Dispensers and Carafes

There are many things wrong with the water which we drink today. And this is basically because in more ways than one, we are victims of our own technological advancement. Back in the old days, we as a species relied on running stream water as our main supply of drinking water.

This was water that had been “purified” by nature as it rolled over rocks, through soil, sand, and clay. It is water that resonates with many health benefits, not least among which is a pH level that is remarkably similar to that of healthy blood (7.4).

However, due to the many negative, and poorly managed, fallouts of human activities down the years, very few people can safely drink water in this natural state anymore.

Until today, that is.

Today, you can receive all the benefits that come with drinking water the way nature intended by using specially shaped clay water dispensers and carafe. The benefits of using clay dispensers as containers for drinking water have long been established.

  • Alkaline Water: The alkaline nature of clay has a profound effect on water that is stored within clay water dispensers. Due to the purification processes that regular drinking water has to go through, it is often left with some acidity. The alkaline clay interacts with this acidic water and balances out the pH of the water. There are many benefits to this including relief from gastronomic pains, anti-aging effects, anti-cancer effects, energy boosts in energy, detoxification, etc.
  • Cooling Water: Because of the natural porous nature of clay, clay dispensers have the unique ability to natural ability to cool water by evaporation. Unlike water stored in other containers, the hotter the surrounding temperature, the cooler water stored in clay vessels tends to be. The porous clay allows for evaporation of water. Since the energy for the evaporation comes from the water itself, it causes the water to cool down. This makes earthen vessels especially advantageous in the summer period.
  • Healthier Water: Clay is brimming with many micro-nutrients, not least among which is calcium which our bodies need for several metabolic processes. Calcium is also a key element in the forming and strengthening bones and teeth. The presence of micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium is one of the healthier features of natural running streams. Clay dispensers are able to give this same healthy makeup to the water stored within them.
  • Purified Water: Tap water kept in clay dispensers will taste as fresh as spring water. One of the more unsavory consequences of purifying our drinking water is the presence of chlorine in the water we drink. Clay dispensers help restore the freshness and taste of water by absorbing these chlorine ions; leaving a texture that is akin to fresh spring water. This is one of the reasons for the revitalizing effect reported by those who drink water stored in clay vessels.

There are no other containers that offer as many health benefits as clay dispensers do. In fact, some common containers such as glass offer zero benefits, while others like plastic containers are flat out bad for you.

The same can be said about the many water ionizers and expensive reverse osmosis machines that can be found on the market today. These machines are usually ten times more expensive than the average clay dispenser and do not offer even a fraction of the benefits mentioned above.

These water ionizers produce water with a pH of 9 or 10. This is far above the slightly alkaline pH of 7.4 which can be found naturally in flowing streams and springs. Also, reverse osmosis machines produce demineralised water or ‘soft’ water. This is water devoid of micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium which are very useful to the body. Lastly, the water stored in these overpriced machines has to be refrigerated for it to be cooled. This is a disadvantage for the aging, and those who have colds and throat problems.

With clay water dispensers and carafe, you can have naturally cooled, mineral water, with a pH similar to that found in nature. Get one now, and drink water the way nature intended you to drink.

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