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Drinking Water from Clay Water Dispensers - Vessels Made from Mother Earth

Water and Earth (Soil) are two important elements in giving birth to life and maintaining life on planet earth. Without them, there is no life on the planet. Seed will not germinate without water and earth.

Water and earth are considered life-giving when they come together. Nature delivers water through springs and that water flows through rivers in constant contact with the earth. Water in that form when drunk is energetic and life giving.

Today, in the advancement of technology we are treating water in ways that de-energizing it. We transmit water in metal pipelines over long distances. Our government add chemicals like chlorine and fluorine in water thinking they are killing microorganisms and purifying water. We store drinking water in plastic, transparent and non-porous containers. And we perform so many de-energizing activities with water before drinking it. All these activities make our drinking water 'dead'. Even though chemical formula of such water still remains as H2O, energetically, the water has completely changed. It is no more life-giving. We can only notice this by the ill-effects that come to us after drinking such water. One of the prime reason for having many diseases in our life is because of drinking 'dead' water. We may not see the ill effects immediately. Ill-effects are only seen after years or after generations.

One way to energize drinking water is to store them in a clay water dispenser. Drinking water should be stored in opaque, porous and earthen medium. In a porous medium, air passes in and water will be able to breathe. Porous medium can be clay, bamboo or anything that is organic in nature. Storing water in a clay water dispenser is considered safe and healthy. If we are storing water in a clay water dispenser, we are combining both earth and water elements, the two important life-giving elements, and that is good for our health. Water in a clay water dispenser get energized, purified and cooled. That is the reason our ancestors used clay water dispensers as a medium for storing water. Our ancestor lived in harmony with nature and they know the best way to treat water.

Drinking water from a clay water dispenser tastes completely different from water in any other filter or any other pots.

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