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Clay Mineralized Alkaline Drinking Water Dispensers vs. Regular Water Dispensers

So what do you do whenever you’re thirsty? Get some water and quench your thirst, that’s what. But hopefully, this does not involve taking a glass and sticking it under a tap. Tap water is bad for you for a whole bunch of nasty reasons; which is why the use of water filters and water dispensers is now mainstream practice.

Every filtering or storage appliance you use will eventually be measured by how well it counters the hazards posed by tap water. And that’s what we are about to discuss in some depth. Between clay / earthen drinking water dispensers and regular water dispensers, which does a better job of keeping you and your family safe from the dangers hidden in your tap water?

We’ll first have to take a look at the various dangers that come with tap water.

The Invisible Dangers Lurking In Your Tap Water


Because of the purification process that your tap water is subject to go through, it contains a lot of chlorine compounds. These compounds have been shown to be strongly linked to a host of health hazards over the long term like diabetes, heart attacks, and some cancers including liver and kidney cancers. In the short term, however, chlorine compounds have the insidious effect of shifting your body’s pH towards acidic. This acidic pH could potentially affect your immune system, making you more prone to allergies and more vulnerable to a host of infections. The difference between pure water and treated water is essentially the difference between natural rain and acid rain.


Fluorides are much more reactive than chlorides and many times more dangerous. Fluorides can be encountered in pharmaceutically controlled amounts in toothpaste, in plant fertilizers, pesticides, processed foods, and of course, tap water, among many other sources. Fluorides have been strongly linked to many ailments including but not limited to arthritis, heart disease, premature aging, brittle bone disease, brittle teeth, yellow discolored teeth, and cancer. If a large amount of fluoride spills anywhere, the area is immediately cordoned off as a high-risk emergency clean-up site, where all workers are required to wear hazard-proof suits.

Tangy Taste

An immediate effect of the presence of chlorides in tap water is the tangy taste you are undoubtedly familiar with. Ironically, many people feel reassured about the quality of their tap water whenever they sense this, as they are completely oblivious to the dangerous effects of the cause.

Clay Mineralized Alkaline Drinking Water Dispensers vs. Regular Water Dispensers

With regular water dispensers, you can have your tap water delivered to you hot, warm, or cold at the push of a button. The more modern versions even come with oxidization features that do away with many bacteria or pathogens that may be present in the tap water—this is not often the case since the water is treated but this remains a neat feature to have just in case.

But for all of these features, there is nothing that these fancy machines can do against the invisible chemicals contained in tap water. With regular water dispensers, you have no line of defense against these chemicals that can wreak so much havoc in your body.

On the other hand, it’s against these invisible threats in your water that clay / earthen drinking water dispensers or carafes get to shine:

The alkaline nature of clay neutralizes the acidic chlorides and fluorides and levels up the pH of your tap water to a healthy range of 7.3-7.5. This is the same pH of human blood.

When this slightly alkaline water combines with the micronutrient, Calcium, which is naturally found in clay, there are several benefits to be had including anti-aging benefits, relief from gastronomic problems, energy boosts, anti-cancer benefits, and detoxification.

Clay / earthen drinking water dispensers also completely do away with the tangy taste that is synonymous with tap water by absorbing the chlorine. The result is water that tastes as fresh as a mountain stream.

And you need not worry about temperature: the clay / earthen drinking water dispenser is the ONLY dispenser that naturally cools the water stored within, and it does so in a manner that leaves the water gentle on the throat, unlike the artificially refrigerated water that is offered by your average water carafe.

Clay / earthen drinking water dispensers offer all these benefits—and much more—at a fraction of the price you would ordinarily pay for the regular water dispensers that are available on the market today.

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